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How to Reduce Your PowerPoint File Size Optimizing the Images



You have prepared an amazing presentation full of beautiful images and videos, everything is checked, but when you are going to send it by mail, a problem arises: the presentation is very heavy and you cannot send it by mail to your colleagues.

As a solution, Powerpoint offers us different types of image optimisation to reduce the size of the file. The tool offers us various compression levels depending on the image quality that we want to preserve. The lower the quality of the images, the less our file will reduce.

Instructions to reduce file size in Powerpoint (Mac or PC)

  1. Open your presentation and click on one of the images
  2. Select image format
  3. Click compress pictures
  4. Select the type of compression (print, on-screen or email)
  5. Save the presentation
Select image format and then click compress pictures

Select image format and then click compress pictures

Wow! You will notice a significant reduction in the size of your presentation.

Types of compression

Finally, keep in mind that among others, there are 3 main types of optimisation:

Low Compression (Print) – 220 ppi

Ideal if you want to print your presentation, the size reduction will not be very great, but you will maintain a very high level in the quality of your photos.

Low Compression (Print) – 220 ppi

Medium Compression (On-Screen) – 150ppi

Reduces compression to a medium level. This is a good option for projection on screens without losing image quality.

High compression (Email) – 96ppi

We only recommend using this option if the presentation is going to be sent by email, since you will notice a drastic drop in the quality of the images, as well as a great reduction in the size of your powerpoint file.


Note that you have to check the options “Delete cropped areas of pictures” and “Apply to: all pictures in this file” to get the best result in the file size reduction.

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