Lucerne – Corporate Business Free Presentation

Lucerne is here to light your presentantions and it comes full of editable charts, statistics and beautiful colors among many others, that will make your business presentation be as fun as riding a rollercoaster. Use this free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template as many times as you want.

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Show the facts, those sexy numbers and all the conclusions any way you want.

What you will find in the template:

  • 29 slides with a 16:9 layout
  • Very suitable images that you can easily edit, replace, erase, love or just look at. They are all yours!
  • Colorful yet elegant editable in Excel charts and timelines that will help you get your ideas and figures loud and clear.
  • A slide with a Vector map that will let you put as much color as you want in the world.
  • More than 90 editable icons: resize them, change color or add new strokes and make this presentation yours forever.
  • Download this document as many times as you want in Power Point or open it in Google Slides.

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